01 / 14 / 2022
Today I am going out with one of my friends, let's call him S (One who likes me). We are going to go thrift shopping, to the grocery store, and to Minsky's! Some nice pizza place. He said they had really good chicken wings which is one of my favorite foods. I'm pretty excited. I got all done up and did my makeup nicely. I do have to go to work around 5 p.m so I'm kinda looking forward to it, I like most of my coworkers! Most... This girl named Olivia is just special. People like her baffle me, she is just so okay with her actions. She'll have a 3-hour shift and you don't get a break for shifts that short but literally an hour into it she'll be in the backroom eating Panda Express and watching Tik-toks. I walk in and am just like, What? She is always on her phone and calls people in the middle of a rush. She'll walk away from helping others to go gossip and she has a huge attitude towards everyone when something doesn't go her way. She's just a pest.


So I just got back from being with S. It was so much fun! The chicken wings were amazing and the ranch? To die for. At the thrift store I got this lace cardigan and arm warmers. Then we also went to the mall where I got some cute cow pins! One which he bought for me :- P I also got a Deftones shirt! It's so cool.

I just have ten more minutes to work on this then I have to go to work. It's seemed super busy in there when I walked by earlier at the mall. But, oh well. Hopefully it all goes well. I'm going to be optimistic like always! I want to work on my new battlejacket when I get home, fingers crossed. My hair is getting longer and I'm super happy about it, it's to the top of my bra now and it's making me excited to see where I'll be by May. I want it to my waist, I'll feel like such a fairy by then. Since that's my aesthetic. Greens, browns, jewelry, lace, shimmery eyeshadow. I love the person I'm turning into. Oh also, I self harmed yesterday on impulse but let's not talk about that! : - ) ... Bye bye for now!
4:21 p.m

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