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Hello! :- )

My name is Alex and I am the cool owner of this little humble abode.

I have decided that making a little something like this is a great way for me to have an online creative output, so yeah! This is that.

I typically spend my days wasting away at school and/or work... But when I do have some me time, I take deep joy in lots of different hobbies!

I love crocheting bags and blankets, painting my emotions, journaling, giving myself new tattoos, and obsessing over the latest video games.

Oh and I have a "little" obsession with books.

My Favorite Books

I also love horror movies or stuff that makes you question your life in general.

So that's about all really! I could say a million other things but I think a lot of stuff about me will come to be known through my diary!

Peace out >:- )