The beginning to Senior Year

My goal this year is to put myself out there. My social battery sucks and I have a hard time making friends so that is the biggest thing that I'm working on. So far, in my Digital Media class I've become friends with these 2 girls who sit next to me. They like talking about crystals, fake people, and philosophy. So that's pretty fun. Then in my English IV (I wish I was in AP Literature) this guy who I knew Sophomore year came and sat next to me as we were in a group for a project and he is super fun to talk to. He is really interesting and we are in the same boat with the whole no time alone bit. School, Work, Sleep. So we are relating a lot on that and he is just interesting in general.
The place I work at has been working me 5 - 6 days a week right now and with school alongside it I am super tired. It takes me about half the day to fully come to my senses and by that point I'm back at work. But next week and the ones following are going to be easier. I'm going to be changing my avaliability so I have more time to relax and work on homework for school.
I play in Symphonic Orchestra at my school (The Orchestra for those who are more passionate or serious), and this year we have a LOT of Freshman. Which isn't a bad thing per-se but I just fear that the group won't sound that good. When I was a Freshman and was in Symphonic we had a lot of Seniors that were very focused in class, we played super fun pieces and made really good memories. But, a few years ago you would have to audition and be a Junior or Senior to get in Symphonic, I was given an exception, but it's rather obvious that a good amount of kids in the class care. I have 2 - 3 people by my side who are very passionate and interested in the class, but I don't think we could carry all the weight needed to have a solid musicality and nice tone. It just makes me frustrated. But something that is very exciting is that in the Spring semester we are playing a piece which has 2 violin solos! I can't wait to play one.
Let's hope though that my work hours decrease, my car gets up and running, and I keep having an enjoyable month.
P.S. I also figured out what I'm going to major in in college! I'll talk more on that later.