08 / 02 / 2021
I've been working, but very little... Most of my shifts up to this point are 4 hours or so? But this next Saturday I have a 6 hour shift! I just want more hours, because I want more money. Insurance for my car is going to be around $300 a month? and if I'm working like I am right now, I'll barely be scraping by. But I have been enjoying working, it makes time go faster and I'm not too mad at that. I have about 21 days till my last year of Highschool starts and I really like school! I like dressing up, being out of the house, and I can't wait to be in my art and orchestra class.
I'm working on a crochet blanket and it's colors are green, white, and an off-white, but I have been having a hard time making progress on it! It's the size of a baby blanket right now and it just seems so tedious to continue, since it takes forever to finish one row. But I'm hoping today that I work on it! I've also been watching Skins (UK) and it is SO GOOD!! It keeps me so entertained and it's really fun to have a show to almost call my own? Y'know, a show that no one else around me has watched, something that I can discover for myself with no spoilers.
I've also been watching Rick & Morty every Sunday when it comes out, it's really fun to watch, I typically watch it with my brother and sister. I never really saw the hype around this show because everyone at school was obsessed with it and I was so busy that I never had time to look into it. I just got annoyed that it's all I heard about. To me, Rick & Morty was like Stranger Things. It was so popular, it was heard everywhere, it was all over the internet. So I got tired of the show before I ever gave it a chance! But I'm really happy that I've given Rick & Morty a chance : -)
At this point, I could go on all day about random stuff. But overall, I've been working, watching TV, investing some time into crocheting and hobbies, and just waiting around for school.

I'll leave this with a cute pic of my cat! :))

The pic is a little blurry! LOL
11:03 a.m
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