08 / 30 / 2021
Okay so I wasn't doing good a few days ago but I am doing okay-ish now!

Everything is good right now, nothing bad is going on, lots of conflicts have now been resolved, school isn't tough, but still... Somehow... I feel as if there is something that should be wrong. It's like I ignore all the good and settle for being Eh. But when I look at the bigger picture everything is so much better than it used to be, I just still feel as though it isn't supposed to be good, I shouldn't be happy.

That guy that I talked about from my last entry has apologized to me and we are on talking terms again! I enjoy listening to him because he likes horror movies and dogs a lot and we just share a lot of common interests. But I'm glad me and him are friends. I work tonight but I'm not to mad about it, I work tonight and then... TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY OFF!! I'm going to throw the biggest party for myself.

On Tuesday one of my friends, Lamontey, wanted to hangout and mess around with some composing and music but I don't think my parents will let me. They don't know him and are very suspicious of people. But I told him that once I'm driving me and him can play some music together, he is really chill and fun to be around. But since that'll probably 99.9% not happen tommorow, me and my sister are planning on catching up on Season 5 of Rick & Morty . I am super excited! I love that show.

Then on Wednesday school gets out early and me and one of my friends (I don't know if he'd want his name on here) are going to hangout till 4 or so. I am PUMPED. Me and him have talked forever and have never done anything after school and I'm really looking forward to this : -), I wonder what we are gunna be doin. My grandma will pick me up afterwards and then me and her are going shopping for a while! So these next 3 days are going to go really good.

I'm also working more with crystals and energy and all that stuff, which is also going REAL well. Some stuff I did really brought some good and I just think I am really getting the hang of all this. But, I have to get ready for work! So until later : - )

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