08 / 06 / 2021
Stuff has been so amazing. So, I have been meditating a lot and it has been really fun and enlightning. So, two days ago I did a meditation Meet Your Spirit Guides and it was about 35 minutes. But during this meditation the lady narrarating it said...
You are gazing upon this long body of water. Your feet are in the sand and on the left and right of the water are long rocks which lead into swaying trees, the wind gliding lightly through the air. You walk into this bank of water and once you are around hip-level you start to float, with all body parts extended out, like you are a star. As you bask in the sunlight, you begin to float downstream and float into an adjacent pool of water. You stand up as the water rises and walk along this path of crystals. You approach a large cave, which houses the largest crystals you've ever seen. As you walk in, you see chairs appear, which are all made of crystal. You sit down into one and it feels as though the chair is molded especially for your body.

What happens then, is that she gives you 10 minutes to yourself. For your spirit guides to communicate. At this point, I was very relaxed and I felt as though I was floating, because I felt so comfortable. In this small link of time I see two figures appear. One is a solid black form and the other is light grey, almost not there at all. All I hear is, "growth" and as they stand before me, I open my arms and the darkest figure zooms at me and hugs me tightly, which feels like being in a cloud man. It was so comforting.
But since then, I have been doing a lot more meditations. They have been amazing too. I really feel a need to connect with my spirit guides, angels, higher self, and those above. It brings me a lot of comfort and joy. To be more self-aware and to manifest things and just learn.
I've had a tough time with religion in my lie due to it being a big hot topic in my family. My family is divided over it and I don't see a lot of my family because my family isn't as Christian as they are. But, I feel as though I am truely finding myself and becoming who I was always supposed to become. I know on this journey that I am not only going to go deeper into spirituality but I will spread the love of it at the same time (not in a bad or creepy way lol). I am so happy that this is where I am in life currently, I couldn't ask to be happier.
9:07 p.m

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