Rex Orange County

 Alex O'Conner (Also known as Rex Orange County) grew up in Haslemere, Surrey. He's released the Mixtape, Bcos You Will Never Be Free and two full studio albums, Apricot Princess and Pony.

Why I like him

 I've listened to Rex Orange County for around 4 years now. I've got all his vinyl and his Pony CD. There is a lot that I like about him. I feel that what he talks about really hits close to home for me. Talking on self-hatred, love un-reciprocated, overall just being sad. But also, at times he highlights the best. Feeling good about yourself, leaving those toxic friends who made fun of you, being true to yourself. To me, he just wraps it all up in one nice present. So I think I will always listen to him. I just love it him.

Alex O'Conner

  DOB: 05/4/1998
  Genre: Indie, Bedroom Pop, Lo-fi
My Favorite Songs

  Every Way
  It's Not The Same Anymore
  Pluto Projector
  Rex (Intro)
  Waiting Room