My name is Alexandra and I am a Junior is High School!
I've been hitting a lot of stumps when it comes to me working on this website but I really want to get it done!! Since I think it would be really cool to have like a virtual diary and all that :-)
Some things about me are...
I love true-crime documentaries
My socializing level in person is horrible
I love Twilight <3
I am really passionate about violin and anything involving mortuary sciences and forensics
I'm learning Mendellsohn's Concerto in E-Minor right now for possible college auditions!!

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Today I have a few goals! I hope to get them all done today but I do have a orchestra concert to perform at so... I may or may not be able to do it all! But here is what I have in store... Add all the cute blinkies I found, add music to the mainpage, and lastly, add all my socials!
I've been back and forth on this for a long time now, but I'm getting more into the groove of making stuff and by the start of next weekI should have a lot more time on my hands to work on this! Today I added a Diary entry, added a Photo in the Photo's section, made a guestbook and a visitor counter.