Jim Croce

DOB: 01/10/1943    DOD: 09/20/1973
Genre: Folk, Soft rock

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Jim Croce was born and raised in South Philadelphia. Once old enough, he went to Villanova University where his talent and passion for music started it's birth. He went on to perform at a steak house in Lima, Pennsylvania which got him into the spotlight. Eventually, his record producer (Tommy West) encouraged him to try his luck in New York City, where he was introduced to more recording companies. From there, his first album was produced, Facets.

My Favorite Songs

  New York's Not My Home
  Next Time, This Time
  Lover's cross
  Time in a Bottle
  Photographs and Memories
  I've Got a Name
Why I like him

I got into Jim Croce from my mom, she put on his song Time in a Bottle on one day and I loved it. Then one day as I was browsing Barnes & Noble's CD section, I came upon His Greatest Hits CD. I listened to all of it and watched some videos of him performing on Youtube. I really adore the stories that he tells thoughout his songs. I enjoy the instrumentation that he uses throughout all his pieces too. When I listen to him I imagine driving down a country road to where I'd call home. Perhaps with someone I love aside me as we just take in the beauty of living and being.