May 11, 2021
Listening to: Enjoy the Silence (2006 Remaster) - Depeche Mode
Feeling: Upset & Tired
For it being a finals week, it sure felt like it. Today was full of shit, literally. Thanks to our drain backing up again for the millioninth time. The large drill tool spazed out and hit my sister and dad in the face, causing my sister to have to go to the ER. Though through all of that glory, My brother said to me, "I dont have time to deal with your Manic Episodes."
All I was, was in shock at her pain, I felt so scared for her, I didn't want her hurt, and yet you say this to me as if I was off the rails. Yet all I was doing was standing there in a trance, why did you do that.
Why did YOU do that.
I am in so much pain, my nose burns from how much it's ran, my eyes hurt from the constant crying, I hurt and you don't care.