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The Twilight Series
I really really love Twilight. The films, books, all of it.
My favorite character is Alice Cullen, primarily because I have a huge girl crush on her, but I really enjoy the overall vibe and feeling the entire series gives.
The best book to me is Twilight itself, New moon is just blegh... Too much Jacob.
Team Edward here B-)
A Little Life

This book is a total hailstorm. In the three months it took me to read it I cried, threw a temper tantrum, gushed, and screamed over it. I've never cried this hard for a book, but the characterization of the 4 main characters gets you so very close to them, as if they're a phone away. It spirals you into a story that you don't want to believe or stand, it makes you angry and pitiful at the existence of such unmentionable things.
Overall, 11/10.
Perks of being a Wallflower

Re-editing this review...